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16 Best Bathroom Plants – Bathroom Plants Online

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best bathroom plants

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Why really should every single other area in the house get all the houseplant really like? You might not spend as significantly time in here as the living area or the kitchen area, but that does not imply this area has to be unexciting and blah. Greenery is a way to incorporate that spa sensation to your lavatory, much too! In reality, it truly is actually the best ecosystem for many distinct varieties of houseplants. Right after all, many crops are tropical natives that adore warmth and humidity. Display screen your crops on a window sill, mount shelving, or consider a hanging pot if you have no counter house. A south-experiencing window is best for crops that like brilliant light-weight, but east and west-experiencing windows work, much too. But no difficulty if your lavatory does not have wide, sunny windows many crops will adapt to moderate or lower-light-weight ailments. 1 word of tips: Be watchful about overwatering lavatory crops they will not dry out as speedily as those in other sections of your house due to the fact of the normally increased humidity concentrations. Test your crops about every single 7 days to inform how dry the soil is most like currently being considerably dry in between drinks, and none like to be waterlogged. Just take a seem at the best crops to brighten any lavatory.

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Spider Plant

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The previous-fashioned spider plant has under no circumstances seriously long gone out of type due to the fact it’s so effortless to grow. It does like brilliant light-weight, but will adapt to lower light-weight concentrations. When the little plantlets create, snip them off and location in soil to make new infant crops. They’re best for sharing! Retain it marginally moist throughout spring to summer, and a little drier in winter.

Heartleaf Philodendron

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With shiny, little heart-formed leaves, this vining plant is effortless to really like (and grow!). Heartleaf philodendrons like moderate light-weight best, but will also tolerate lower light-weight. Let them dry out in between waterings.

Staghorn Fern

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This striking plant is often mounted on a piece of wood or in a hanging basket with sphagnum moss. Its massive, flat fronds resemble a stag’s horns, as you’d guess. It’s happiest in a large-humidity ecosystem, so the lavatory is the only location it grows very well in most homes. Give it moderate light-weight.

Maidenhair Fern

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The delicate, lacy fronds of maidenhair fern definitely adore large humidity. Give this plant brilliant, oblique light-weight (no direct sun or it will melt away), and regular, light-weight humidity.

English Ivy

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English ivy seems to be excellent in hanging baskets or skilled as a topiary. Some kinds have variegated leaf styles. Give it moderate light-weight, and let it dry out a little bit in between waterings.

Polka Dot Plant

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If you want some shade to costume up your lavatory, a rather little polka dot plant, with its pink or red splashes, is the way to go. It likes brilliant light-weight and regular, light-weight humidity.

Funds Tree

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The dollars tree has an upright sort and shiny eco-friendly leaves. In the wild, it’s a wetland tree, so it enjoys a warm area. Give it brilliant light-weight, but it will also adapt to moderate light-weight. Let it dry out a little bit in between waterings.

Bird’s Nest Fern

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If you have a hanging pot or a shelf around a brilliant window, this strange vase-formed fern is instead eye-catching. Some varieties of bird’s nest ferns have wavy leaves. It can take care of dry air superior than other ferns, but it actually loves humidity so it’s a organic in the lavatory. Retain it moist throughout spring and summer, and a little bit drier in winter.


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Ficus trees, also known as weeping fig, like brilliant light-weight and a area on the warm side due to the fact their organic habitat is the tropics. They have a tendency to get annoyed if they are around warm or chilly drafts and will fall leaves. Retain the soil moist throughout spring and summer, and let it dry out marginally in between waterings in winter.


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If you have a dim lavatory, aglaonema is for you due to the fact it tolerates lower light-weight. Its strappy leaves have splashes of silver and an upright sort, so it seems to be striking sitting on a shelf. It prefers regular, light-weight humidity, so it’s appropriate at dwelling in your lavatory.

Rex Begonia

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These varieties of begonias are developed generally for their flashy foliage. They’ll do very well on a lavatory shelf, wherever they can appreciate the humidity. Give it brilliant light-weight, and let it dry out marginally in between waterings.


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This plant, with its rather markings and reddish undersides, needs large humidity, commonly around sixty %. Calathea even enjoys a lukewarm shower sometimes just use the most affordable spray environment. Give it brilliant light-weight and regular humidity.

Boston Fern

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This commonly fussy plant adores humidity, so the lavatory is actually your best wager if you want to screen it indoors. Boston ferns also require large light-weight concentrations, and they fall leaves often, so be ready to select up just after them. Retain them flippantly moist.

Rubber Tree

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There’s a purpose the rubber tree is always preferred: It’s effortless-peasy to grow. It likes brilliant light-weight or it tends to get leggy, so maintain it around a window. If it receives dusty, thoroughly clean with a moist rag or a mild spray under the shower. Let it dry out a little bit if the leaves convert yellow and fall, you might be overwatering.

Peace Lily

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These previous favorites work just as very well in the lavatory as in any other area in your house due to the fact they are lower-routine maintenance. Peace lilies tolerate lower light-weight, but flower best with moderate to brilliant light-weight. Let the soil dry in between waterings.


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Pothos is possibly one of the easiest crops of all time to grow! With lengthy vining stems and shiny leaves, it seems to be smashing in a hanging pot or draping around a shelf’s edge. It likes moderate light-weight, but adapts to lower light-weight. Let it dry out in between waterings.

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