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Making a New Home

2021 Fla. RE Economy: To Plan, You Must First Understand

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Fla.’s residential and commercial markets have synergy: Changes in one impact the other. Florida Realtors’ economists will explore their business bond in a Feb. 4 webinar.

ORLANDO, Fla – 2020 brought dramatic changes as Americans quickly leveraged technology to connect to office headquarters, stores and to each other. In doing so, we brought much of what was done in formal buildings into our homes.

The way we engage with buildings and our homes changed seemingly overnight – and perhaps forever. Now, more than ever, it’s important to connect the dots between commercial and residential real estate.

The 2021 Florida Real Estate Trends event will air on Feb. 4, 2021. During the event, a panel of experts assembled by Florida Realtors research team will discuss the delicate interplay between commercial and residential real estate that will unfold next year.

The prominence of remote work, school and social distancing shifted what a home needs to be. The prospect of increased remote work also shifts where a home needs to be, as many are no longer tethered to traditional employment hubs. The panelists will discuss the major changes in commercial real estate and what it means for residential brokers.

On the commercial side, Nancy Muscatello, Managing Consultant for CoStar Advisory Services, will discuss how people’s engagement with hotel and retail has shifted significantly – and what it means for those asset types as well as for warehouse and distribution centers supporting e-commerce.

Chris Owen, director of Florida research for Cushman and Wakefield, will address the impact remote work has had on office occupancy and what office use may look like once the U.S. returns to “normal.”

Finally, Kristine Smale, senior vice president, Zonda Advisory, will help connect the commercial trends to what is happening in Florida residential real estate. She will address shifts in consumer demand toward single-family homes in the suburbs and whether builders are adapting to demand for home offices and more separate spaces.

I’ll moderate the discussion (Jennifer Quinn, Florida Realtors economist and Director of Economic Development) and ask the questions every Realtor wants to know as we fully embrace 2021.

Jennifer Quinn is an economist and Florida Realtors Director of Economic Development

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