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Dulux Reveals The ‘It’ Colours + Trends For 2023

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Dulux Reveals The 'It' Colours + Trends For 2023

The Dulux Colour Forecast is back for 2023, revealing a few exciting palettes set to dominate our properties in the year to occur.

Led by Dulux color and communication supervisor Andrea Lucena-Orr and Dulux color forecaster and stylist Bree Leech, the annual forecast implies that the ongoing troubles of the pandemic and a growing desire in sustainability will really encourage folks to embrace residing just and authentically.

‘We have all reacted to the upheavals of the very last pair of years in various strategies – some individuals crave lightness and whimsy, while other people find order and reassurance,’ Bree explains.

‘The a few palettes in the Dulux Colour Forecast 2023 mirror these differing desires, making it possible for you to create beautiful residing spaces that mirror where by you are in your life’s journey.’


Balance features serene maritime blues and mild greens in a calming palette for any one seeking a very simple, but advanced, aesthetic. Coastline-inspired colors this sort of as Dulux Kimberley Sea and Dulux Nephrite are paired with the richness of Dulux Deep Garnet in a blend that Bree implies is perfect to elevate internal-town residences or terrace homes.

‘Balance is extremely a lot encouraged by a ‘less is more’ philosophy, with minimum detailing and a restrained approach to decorating. As a substitute, the concentrate is on immersive colour and the beauty of intricate, structured patterns discovered in nature, these kinds of as a basic seashell or fern frond,’ she suggests.

Luxe textures like velvet and silk, home furniture with exaggerated, curved silhouettes, summary art, and décor pieces with organic designs and fragile pleating finish the search.

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