April 17, 2024


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Fla. Takes First Step to Launch Rental Assistance Program

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DCF, the Fla. division billed with distributing $850M of federal funds to support with rental assistance, released a dedicated web page to get funds to landlords and utility corporations. Programs must be out there shortly, and payments can be direct-deposited into enterprise accounts.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida’s Division of Small children and People (DCF) took its first phase to get $850 million in federal restoration funds into the fingers of landlords and utility firms.

In a Thursday webinar, DCF introduced the debut of a new web-site – OURFlorida.com (Option for Utilities and Rental Aid) – that will function as a central hub for issues, auxiliary support and submitting relief programs, which are not obtainable yet.

The web site nevertheless has a range of “coming soon” selections, but it does have a list of commonly asked questions (FAQs).

When will the website start off to accept landlord purposes for rental reimbursement? Officers did not provide a day, but Michael Williams, director of specific projects for DCF, reported in response to a query that they may be offered within just a week.

Notable products from DCF’s announcement

  • Landlords can obtain funding as a immediate deposit into their lender account – it will not go as a result of tenants.
  • Landlords can implement for lost-hire reimbursement only for time periods in which they did not get county aid – the two are not able to overlap. However, if a lost rental period of time lasts for 6 months and they obtained county aid for a few months, they can utilize for the three months not lined by the county.
  • Landlords apply by way of the OURFlorida.com internet site to acquire resources.
  • OURFlorida.com visitors can indicator up for an e-newsletter to get funding updates.

DCF questioned webinar members to promote the new internet site and impending application procedure – to “spread the word.” The website will involve a toolkit (coming soon) with products that can be shared on social media and made use of in other approaches.

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