February 21, 2024


Making a New Home

Sanne Vloet Shows Off Her Kitchen & Pantry Organization Tips

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Victoria’s Mystery product and founder of the matcha business, Nekohama, Sanne Vloet a short while ago redecorated her kitchen. Her house is modernly intended and brilliant — merchandise superbly (and expertly) placed and stored in her cupboards and drawers.

Retaining your kitchen area organized is not an simple feat. It can be complicated, especially when you are procuring weekly or bi-weekly and your utensils and pantry goods increase and overflow. Fortunate for us, Sanne welcomed Fantastic Housekeeping into her property, offering us a tour of her model new kitchen area and how she keeps it clutter-totally free.

Throughout the walkthrough, you may be impressed by the dimensions of Sanne’s kitchen. It’s so spacious! Most of her ceramic kitchenware (she enjoys getting them for cooking videos and at-house group dinners) are neatly saved in drawers featuring designed-in organizers. She employs trays on the counter to put her most-applied items (including acquiring her bamboo tea tray up coming to the coffee device for her matcha) and retains her spices alongside one another in labeled glass jars so they’re uncomplicated to obtain.

Along with displaying us her pantry — exactly where she takes advantage of baskets labeled Breakfast, Treats and Cans — Sanne gave us a seem into 1 of the most challenging spaces for her to maintain tidy: the laundry closet. For people trying to get tips, Sanne recommends using wire baskets and labeling anything — from your tape and umbrellas to your tote baggage and detergent.

Tip we enjoy: Sanne keeps her pots, pans, plates and bowls in her kitchen island’s drawers. She also makes use of drawer liners to hold them from slipping.

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