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Things you need to Know About Solar Pool Heating

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It has been customary for people to love water. Swimming has been a form of entertainment for almost everybody. Due to this, people have started having their own pool, so they can enjoy swimming anytime they want to. However, the weather doesn’t make it enjoyable sometimes. Cold weather makes the water too cold to swim on.

Both commercial and residential pools need warm water to make it perfect. Solar services have a solution for that, it’s called solar pool heating. Yes solar energy is possible to use on pools, actually it is maximized on this type of usage. Heaters for swimming pools are expensive, but in most cases it is needed.

Some places may have a warm climate but not all year round. So in some seasons, heating up the pool is mandatory especially if it’s for commercial use or even for residential pools. To give you an idea how solar pool heating is done here are some of the basic solar pool heater equipment set up. 

Equipment use on Solar Pool Heating System

  • Solar collector

Device responsible for the circulation of water from the pool to be heated by the sun.

  • Filter

Removes any unnecessary debris before the water flows through the collector.

  • Pump

Responsible for circulating water to the filter and collector then to the pool.

  • Flow control valve

It’s a manual or an automatic device that diverts water through the solar collector.

These are the basic parts needed to set up a solar pool heating system. Solar services will be the one to install and set your system once you decide to get one, so no need to worry about that. However, it will be wise to be familiar with the devices you have in your residence or business place and how they work. Especially if you are investing your money in it. So before having your solar pool heating system set, it will be good to check the factors you need to consider before getting one. 

Factors in Selecting Your Solar Pool Heating System

Evaluate your resource 

Consider how much sunlight your location can get. Since this will determine how much energy your solar pool heater can collect, make sure to find a spot that is not shaded or is exposed to direct sunlight where you can set up your solar panels. By getting a good spot it can be a good sign that your solar pool heating system can get the adequate energy it needs. Solar site analysis can also be done by solar services if you request for it. 

Sizing up your pool

The length of the pool will determine how many solar  collectors are needed. The bigger the pool the bigger solar pump is also needed. For your solar pool heating system to work, it should match the necessary devices for the size of your pool. Climate can also be a big factor on this. If you have a hot climate, the number of solars can be decreased. But if you have a warmer pool you can opt for more solar collectors. 

Spot for your solar collectors 

Location of the solar collectors should be where the sun strikes the strongest. Tilted solar collectors are also more ideal to collect energy. Look for the best area in your location where they can set up your solar collectors. You can also ask for your solar installer to survey the area for better suggestions.   


Budget is always included in almost everything we purchase. Solar panels are pricey since they are actually investment for a home or a business. Set the right budget for your solar pool heating system to get the result you desire. Getting a good set up can make it more durable for a long time. Doing so can help you save money. It will not require a lot of maintenance and repairs in the future.   

Consider all these factors when planning to have your solar pool heating installed. Once settled within your budget and everything, don’t hesitate to contact SolAlt.com solar pool heating experts for your solar services to finalize everything before executing the installation. Pools never fail to give relaxation to people especially if the water temperature is warm enough to make them stay longer on the water. Compared with heaters wherein it runs from regular sources of electricity, solar pool heaters are a great way to keep your pools warm all year round without worrying you have to spend too much on it.

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