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Top 25 Pregnancy Instagram Influencers most followed in 2020

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1. Liesel Teen

Bio L&D RN ✨ Educating new moms about what’s to come 👶🏽 Have an informed birth! 👩🏼‍⚕️ This account isn’t medical advice 💓 Looking for a birth course? ↙️   Instagram Handle @mommy.labornurse Instagram Followers 316000   Website https://mommylabornurse.com Location Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

2. Karrie Locher

Bio RN | Postpartum Postpartum | Infant care | Motherhood ☼︎ postpartum wellness ☼︎ ︎breastfeeding tips ☼ ︎baby care You got this, mama! ⋒ 〰 courses + guides >>   Instagram Handle @karrie_locher Instagram Followers 144000   Website https://www.karingforpostpartum.com Location Missouri, United States

3. Juna

Bio Helping guide you through TTC, Pregnancy and Motherhood. Try the Juna App free — workouts, nutrition, tracker — now available for iOS+Android!   Instagram Handle @juna.moms Instagram Followers 99200   Website http://juna.co/blog Location California, United States

4. Brooke

Bio Pediatric NP 🤱Supporting parents 👶Promoting baby & toddler wellness 👩🏻‍⚕️cPNP & Mama to 3 📚Education not medical advice FREE Printable Tracker👇🏼   Instagram Handle @simplywell.baby Instagram Followers 95100   Website https://simplywellfamily.com Location Florida, United States

5. Ryann Kipping

Bio 🥑 for preconception & pregnancy 🤰🏼 food choices for two ✨ join membership today ↙   Instagram Handle @prenatalnutritionist Instagram Followers 90800   Website https://www.theprenatalnutritionlibrary.com Location United States

6. Jen Schwartz

Bio 🤱🏻Pregnancy/postpartum mental health 🤝Support-education-resources-stories 💊By Jen Schwartz, The Medicated Mommy ⤵️The MU Postpartum Planning Guide   Instagram Handle @motherhoodunderstood Instagram Followers 85800   Website http://motherhood-understood.com Location Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

7. Ana

Bio New Mom & Postpartum Community Helping pregnant and new moms… 🤰Overcome mom worries & trust instincts 🤱Take care of both mommy & baby 👶 ⬇️✨BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MON SALE✨⬇️   Instagram Handle @mommysbundle Instagram Followers 63000   Website https://mommysbundle.com Location United States

8. Sarah Lavonne

Bio Birth Education & Support Birth Coaching · Education · Support YouTube▶️Sarah Lavonne Check out my 👩‍🏫Online Classes! In-person & virtual options 📍CA   Instagram Handle @bundlebirth Instagram Followers 51900 Location Los Angeles, California, United States

9. Nancy Anderson

Bio Move Your Bump 💪🏼Pre & Post Natal Fitness App 🎓By M.S. @NancyAndersonFit 📱Fitness & Nutrition Plans for: TTC, Prenatal & Postpartum ⬇️Exclusive Black Friday Offer   Instagram Handle @moveyourbump Instagram Followers 40400   Website https://www.nancyandersonfit.com Location Texas, United States

10. Casey Seiden

Bio Diabetes•Pregnancy•Nutrition Casey Seiden MS RD CDCES 🤰gestational diabetes without diets 🍓enjoy all food, less blood sugar stress ↘ Sweet Mama Strategy- JOIN TODAY!   Instagram Handle @eat.well.together Instagram Followers 39000   Website https://www.caseyseidennutrition.com Location Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States

11. Dr. Pickering

Bio Motherhood | Postpartum ⋒ Hi! I’m Dr. Pickering👋 ⋒ Psychologist + maternal mental health educator💞 ⋒ Mom + baby✨ ⋒ Shop eBooks + guides!👇   Instagram Handle @momdocpsychology Instagram Followers 38400   Website https://momdocpsychology.com Location Phoenix, Arizona, United States

12. Dr. Courtney Amerin & Katie Danielson

Bio OB+Midwife Postpartum 🤱🏻Helping new parents thrive after birth 👶🏽Be prepared for postpartum 🎶The PUSH Revolution Podcast 📚 No medical advice✨Free resources↙   Instagram Handle @postpartum.push Instagram Followers 31300   Website https://www.postpartumpush.com/blog Location Denver, Colorado, United States

13. Cheyenne

Bio The Educated Birth Edu materials for repro health to prepare parents for well-informed, empowering birth + more. Including @everydaybirth 🟢 reposts w tags 🔴 no filters   Instagram Handle @theeducatedbirth Instagram Followers 24300   Website https://www.theeducatedbirth.com Location Richmond, Virginia, United States

14. Bethany Rose

Bio Motherhood Blog 🌾 Believer sharing His truth Wife | mama to 3 + 🤰 Challenging the norms of this world in marriage + motherhood 📍Pittsburgh   Instagram Handle @wavesandlilacs Instagram Followers 20600   Website https://wavesandlilacs.com Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

15. Sarah

Bio Kurt Bjorkman, MD 👩🏻‍⚕️OB/GYN-REI 👨🏼‍⚕️Pediatric Cardiology We believe in kindness and hard work.♥️ 💉Medicine & Marriage + Faith|Family|Fitness 🏋🏻‍♀️   Instagram Handle @thedoctorsbjorkman Instagram Followers 19400   Website https://www.thedoctorsbjorkman.com Location Iowa, United States

16. Chasity

Bio Motherhood I help moms mother on their own terms and redefine their identity after baby Momfully You Academy re-opening 2021 FREE You’re Worth Knowing Workbook👇🏾   Instagram Handle @momfully.you Instagram Followers 19100   Website http://momfullyyou.com Location Lewisville, Texas, United States

17. Breanne

Bio RNC-OB 🇲 🇮 🇳 🇩 & 🇧 🇴 🇩 🇾prep for labor and delivery and parenthood. 🤰🏻Post labor nurse, current grad student in Nursing Education   Instagram Handle @mommytobeprep Instagram Followers 12700   Website http://mommytobeprep.com Location United States

18. Marcy Crouch

Bio PT, DPT, WCS 🤱🏽PT & Creator of The DT Method™️: The STANDARD for Birth Prep and Recovery 👩🏼‍💻Virtual Sessions 🙋🏼‍♀️ Public Speaker 📖 Author #novaginaleftbehind   Instagram Handle @thedowntheredoc Instagram Followers 12200   Website https://www.marcycrouch.com Location Alabama, United States

19. HeHe Stewart

Bio Doula + Birth Education 👋🏽I’m HeHe! I’m a birth coach! •Pain Relief •Push less than 1hour •Minimize Tearing #pregnantbump #birthprep   Instagram Handle @tranquilitybyhehe Instagram Followers 7875   Website https://www.tranquilitybyhehe.com Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States

20. Marissa

Bio Pregnancy Dietitian 🤰Prenatal, breastfeeding & infant nutrition 👶 I empower women with realistic nutrition education to confidently navigate pregnancy & postpartum   Instagram Handle @nutrition4moms_ Instagram Followers 6605   Website https://marissamccormick.com Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

21. Lo Mansfield

Bio • labor, PPM + newborn RN • mama x 2 + preggers 🤰🏼 • pregnancy + labor education • ppm + newborn tips > stories + highlights = don’t skip them!   Instagram Handle @thelabormama Instagram Followers 6412 Location Denver, Colorado, United States

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