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7 Ways to Grow Potatoes at Home

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If you have been wondering about rising your personal potatoes, now’s the time. But just before you get begun, you want to contemplate the suitable planting strategy for your garden. A several years in the past, I carried out a exam: I grew German Butterball potatoes making use of 7 distinctive planting procedures. All over the class of the rising year, the pros and negatives of each turned pretty clear.

Consider a seem at the distinctive planting procedures you can contemplate, together with all those that worked the very best and which types sent fewer-than-stellar final results.

Least expensive: Hilled Rows

hilled rows

Mitch Mandel

Dig straight, shallow trenches, 2 to three ft apart, in organized soil. Plant seed potatoes 12 inches apart and address with about three inches of soil. When the shoots attain ten to 12 inches tall, use a hoe or shovel to scoop soil from in between rows and mound it against the plants, burying the stems midway. Repeat as essential by means of the rising year to preserve the tubers covered.

Not like container gardening, there’s nothing to buy or create and no soil to transport. This is a straightforward, cheap, and verified technique that farmers have utilized for millennia. It truly is sensible for substantial-scale plantings, also.

However, the quality of the soil may possibly restrict the yield. In locations wherever the dirt badly compacted or very low in natural and organic matter, an higher than-floor approach could operate improved.

Here is a movie that reveals this potato-planting technique:

Minimum Digging: Straw Mulch

straw mulch

Mitch Mandel

Put seed potatoes on the surface area of organized soil next the spacing specified for hilled rows and address them with three to four inches of unfastened, seed-free straw. Mound a lot more straw all around the stems as they expand, ultimately producing a layer of 1 foot or a lot more in depth.

The advantage here is that the thick mulch conserves soil moisture and smothers weeds. Harvest is effortless with no digging, and this technique is instructed as a way to thwart the Colorado potato beetle. However, this created a lesser yield than the hilled row and discipline mice have been regarded to use take in the crops beneath the address of the straw.

Largest Produce: Raised Beds

raised bed

Mitch Mandel

Loosen the soil in the bottom of a 50 percent-loaded lifted bed. Place seed potatoes about 12 inches apart in all directions and bury them three inches deep. As the potatoes expand, include a lot more soil until eventually the bed is loaded. If achievable, simplify harvest by getting rid of the sides.

This technique yielded the most significant harvest in my trials, and the potatoes were being uniformly substantial in dimension. Raised beds are a great selection wherever the garden soil is significant and poorly drained. The downside: The soil to fill the bed has to appear from somewhere — and it can take a ton.

Superior for DIYers: Wooden Bins

wood box

Mitch Mandel

Build or buy a bottomless sq. box — I utilized lumber from discarded pallets — and plant the very same as for a lifted bed. The box is built so you can include additional slats and soil as the plants expand. In theory, you can briefly eliminate the bottom slat for harvesting, or just suggestion it in excess of.

This is a different strategy for rising potatoes wherever the floor soil is of weak quality. It yielded a very similar quantity to the lifted bed. However, a ton of time and effort went into developing the box and I felt the final results did not justify the effort.

Ideal for Moist Yards: Wire Cylinders

wire cylinder

Mitch Mandel

Applying components cloth with ¼-inch mesh, style a cylinder about 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall. Set many inches of soil in the bottom, then plant a few or four seed potatoes and address them with three inches of soil. Continue on to include soil as the potatoes expand. To harvest, elevate the cylinder and pull the soil back to expose the tubers.

In a local climate with incessant spring rains, the wire mesh would deliver excellent drainage and prevent the soil from getting waterlogged. This is a different lifted approach to contemplate wherever garden soil is weak. Sadly, I only harvested a small quantity of undersized tubers from the cylinders — a dismal showing, most likely since the soil-compost combination I utilized dried out so promptly that the plants lacked sufficient moisture.

Least difficult Harvest: Mature Bags

grow bag

Mitch Mandel

Professional rising bags are produced with significant, dense polypropylene. Set a several inches of a soil-compost combination in the bottom of a bag, then plant a few or four seed potato parts and address with three inches of soil. Continue on including soil as the plants expand until eventually the bag is total. To harvest, turn the bag on its side and dump out the contents.

Mature bags can go on patios or driveways or wherever garden soil lacks nutrients. The bags need to last for many rising seasons. Their dim coloration captures solar heat to pace early development. Harvest is straightforward and the yield can be amazing, thinking about the small space each bag occupies. However, this can be a pricey approach. The model of bag I utilized charges $12.95.

Ideal to Skip: Rubbish Bags

garbage bag

Mitch Mandel

Fill a substantial plastic rubbish bag the very same way as a expand bag, punching a several holes by means of the plastic for drainage. Roll the major edge of the bag to assistance it stay upright normally the bag will sag and spill soil. To harvest, rip the bag and pour out the contents.

Like the expand bags, a rubbish bag can be used wherever in-floor rising is not an option. Black bags capture solar heat to pace early development. Aesthetically, even so, this is the least interesting selection. Our yield was meager, potentially since the slim plastic authorized the soil to heat up as well much, restricting tuber development.

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