October 5, 2023


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Designer Tips: What You Should Have When Opening A Resort

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In this hot summer season, all walks of life want something different for their adventure. Resorts are the best way to earn your business during summer. With a lot of open resorts from each beach shore, it is a must to make your resort stand out among others. 

Before opening a resort, it is vital to ask or seek advice from a professional interior designer to help create your concept. The concept of your resort must be unique from any other resort place in your area. From the style of your accent chairs, your amenities, the services your resorts offer to the food you serve should be organized.

There’s so much more to learn when trying to pick a resort business. Here are some of the best-known concepts when opening a resort which we hope will work fine with you.

1.    Make A Child-Friendly Section

You should remember that not all your customers are couples who don’t have kids. About 30% of your probable customer are those with family who want a get-away this summer heat.

To allow your married ones to enjoy the scene of your resort, you need a place where they can ensure the safety of their children. To handle these, you need a professional one to attend to their kids during their bonding session.

We know children for their short attention span. So, try to put colorful or animated pictures on the wall. Make your child-friendly corner be appreciating with children by allowing them to play. You may put on a tea corner, jumping section, or an arcade where they can sing and dance. The playground should be free from accidents. Aside from rubber mats, the playground should be enhanced with rubber. This is to prevent hazards and legal sue from parents.

2. 5-star Dining Area

In every resort, visitors are looking forward to fine dining. With this, it makes sense to serve unique dishes that they could not find in other resorts. Most often of these seaside resorts offer seafood dishes. It is, therefore, a must to make a transformation from these dishes and with the area.

Offer a variety of transformations by adding little carbs from this protein’s ingredients. Examples are seafood pasta, crustacean burgers, salad with salmon, cucumber with fresh fish, seafood fries and so much more to invent. 

You may put necessary luxurious accent chairs to make your dining area deluxe-looking. Try to make your tables in order with a bit of uniqueness in styles. Put wall designs in visible corners where your customer can see them. Try some open air from the cool breeze of the ocean.

Be always mindful that not all your customers are allowed to eat meat or seafood products. There are, however, some people following a vegetarian diet. To make these innovations and considerations with food preparation, you need an elite type of chef. A chef that can cater to all the food requirements of each customer. This way, you can attract more visitors to your resort.

3. Good Transportation and Warm Welcome

In some areas, resorts are difficult to access by transportation. Some of these places are from across the globe like Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Tahiti, South Africa, Thailand, Antigua, St. Lucia, Kenya and so much more countries to discover. These countries are of difficulty with modes of transportation from the main island or cities going to the island 


It is, therefore, a must to consider the transportation of your customers. Try to give them the privilege of being cared for by giving them free pickup from the airports, terminals, or main cities. In another way, offering free transportation back forth can give your customer a good impact on how they were valued.

During your transport vehicle, allow your chairs to be as comfortable and luxurious. Choose accent chairs that can both make your customers snag and thrilled about their adventure. Change the seats of your transport vehicle to big ones where they can put large baggage.

Allow your waiting area or lobby to as the coolest or the grandest area. Make it look sophisticated because the first impression lasts. When your customers saw that their waiting area is accented with good accent chairs and walls of the grandest decorations, they feel their stay is worth the pay. Keep in mind that a good and warm welcome from your lobby section can make a great impact on your customer’s mood.

4. Pet Corner

Pets are part of a family. On every occasion, they seemed to be part of the celebration. In adventure time like summer getaway, it is necessary to include pets on your priority list.

I know you may find for pets like dogs or cats to swim in your resort as a violation, but you need not worry. A policy is a policy as part of precautionary measures in the resort’s cleanliness. But you must take a chance for your customers to feel that you can offer their pets a different adventure moment.

You may place a corner in your resort where pets can be groomed or trained. In this way, your customer can see the difference between your resort from others. Their pets can learn some tricks or have a different grooming style while they are enjoying themselves at your grand resort. You may need though a professional animal handler on this pet corner.

This corner, however, should have comfortable accent chairs if customers want to check or wait for their pet’s grooming session. Always have proper accommodation for your waiting customers by providing them a comfortable chair. On some side of your pet corner, try to make joyful scenes with other dogs by allowing them to socialize with others through play.

Final Thoughts

In whichever business always take in mind the concept of innovations. Resorts type of business is something to look forward to people now wanted peaceful living in a sea breeze area than the smoky city life. Be brave for taking chances in making your resort unique and stylish. Check out other DIY decorations and accent chairs which could rise you might be needed with your interior designing.

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