September 30, 2023


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Differences between Commercial and Residential Plumbing

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The difference between a commercial and residential plumber is significant. At High Speed Plumbing, a commercial plumber installs plumbing systems in public places. These public places often have multiple stories, which increase the risk of injury and can increase the training required to be a commercial plumber. The job of a residential plumber is to install plumbing in residential homes. This requires fewer tools than installing it in public buildings, although the same skills are needed for both. 

What is a Commercial Plumber?

A commercial plumber in Pasadena works on larger projects, such as those that are industry-specific or require more than one person to complete. A commercial plumber may work on large buildings, such as offices and warehouses, and they may also work on large residential buildings, like hotels or apartments. In addition to working on larger projects, commercial plumbers are also responsible for overseeing the installation of plumbing systems in homes and businesses.

What is a Residential Plumber?

Residential plumbers are responsible for installing and repairing water pipes in single-family homes. They often specialize in one area of plumbing services, such as installing new systems or repairing old ones. Because these services are performed in people’s homes, residential plumbers must be able to work quickly and quietly without disturbing their clients’ daily routines.


The size of commercial buildings is much larger than residential buildings. This means the pipes need to be larger to handle the water flow and pressure needed. Commercial systems are more complex, with more valves and pipes.

Multiple Stories

The biggest difference between residential and commercial plumbing is that commercial plumbing must be able to handle multiple stories in a building. Commercial pipes must be much larger than residential ones to carry more water over long distances. The pipe walls may also be thicker and stronger than residential pipes so they can withstand the pressure created by water flowing through them at high speeds.

Local Codes

Another difference between residential and commercial plumbing is that local codes may dictate how big a particular type of pipe can be to pass inspection. This means that while you may have a large-diameter pipe running through your house or business, local codes may limit how big you can make it for it to pass inspection.

Frequency of Inspection

Commercial plumbing systems must also meet local codes and be inspected more often than residential systems. These inspections ensure that the system meets code requirements and can help prevent issues from happening or getting worse over time. The frequency of inspection varies depending on local codes and regulations. In some areas, commercial buildings are inspected every three years, while others require annual inspections. 

Complexity of Issues

Commercial systems are also much more likely to have problems that need to be fixed quickly because they’re used daily by many people. For example, suppose buildings lose water pressure unexpectedly, or toilets stop flushing. In that case, this can cause major problems for restaurants or office buildings where people rely on these systems daily for their jobs.

Industry Knowledge

Commercial plumbing requires more industry knowledge than residential because there are more systems involved in commercial buildings, like heating and cooling systems, ventilation systems, and electrical systems. Commercial plumbing is designed to handle higher volumes of water, so it needs to be much larger than residential plumbing. Commercial plumbing also needs to handle the stress of constant usage, which means that commercial pipes are usually thicker and stronger than residential ones.

Level of Skill

The level of skill required for commercial plumbing is higher because more moving parts are involved in commercial building systems.


Commercial plumbers work longer than residential plumbers because most businesses operate around the clock. Hence, they need someone on call at all times, on all days, in case anything breaks down or stops working properly.

Daily Usage

Water pressure varies depending on where you live. Still, it’s typically lower in most residential areas than in most commercial areas because fewer people use it at any given time. 

High Speed Plumbing

You may not need a Commercial Plumber, but it is great to know that they are available when the time comes. When looking for a plumber in Pasadena, you may see commercial, industrial, and even municipal words. These terms are used loosely and refer to anything from a large yard equipment shop to warehouses to apartment complexes. The point is there are a lot of differences in the plumbing industry, and training makes all the difference. High Speed Plumbing has all the plumbing training and experience necessary to handle both commercial and residential plumbing needs. 

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