September 23, 2023


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How to Move Long Distances with Pets

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Moving pets is a serious task that should always be treated as such. Just like any other member of the family, pets require extra love and care during relocation. Be sure to consider the conditions in their new environment when preparing for relocation. As experienced movers in Atlanta and Roswell, National Movers can answer specific questions regarding pet relocation, but this article should provide most of the essential information.

Microchipping Your Pets

Microchips are tiny chips about the size of a grain of rice implanted beneath your pet’s skin. These microchips identify your pet in case they get lost and help reunite you with them if separated. Be sure to keep up-to-date on all microchip information so it will be accurate if they ever need to be scanned again.

How to Move Long Distances with Pets

Maintain All Health Documentation

When traveling with pets, ensure that your pet’s health certificates, vaccination records, and prescriptions are up-to-date and easily accessible during transit. If an illness arises during the move, this information will help guarantee prompt medical attention and treatment.

Practice Car Travel

Before embarking on any long distance with your pet, practice car travel with them at home first. This way, you’ll know how to handle unexpected issues, such as broken windows or flat tires, while ensuring everyone has their seatbelt on correctly! Additionally, this helps ensure everyone has their seatbelt buckled securely!

Travel Carriers for Small Animals

If your pet is small enough to fit into a carrier, it will be much more comfortable for them to avoid being put in the car with other items or furniture. Many different kinds of carriers exist, from soft-sided ones that fold up like backpacks to hard-sided ones designed specifically for pets—research which kind is best suited to your situation before making any purchases.

Take Frequent Breaks

Even if your pet doesn’t want to get out of their carrier on the way there, be sure to take frequent breaks along the way so they can stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Stop at parks or other places where dogs can run around and get some exercise before continuing your journey. Doing this helps prevent sore muscles and fatigue while traveling long distances.

Research Pet-Friendly Hotels

When traveling long distances, it’s wise to plan out any stops along the way so that you can find pet-friendly hotels. Avoid making multiple stops in one day; space them at least six hours apart for safety and comfort.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Food and Water Available

Plan by purchasing extra food and water for your pet(s), especially if any long stretches of travel are involved in your move. Ensure enough bowls for each animal during feeding time and water bowls throughout the car to prevent dehydration due to being stuck in one place for too long.

National Movers

Moving long distances with pets is more complicated than moving without them. You must secure your furry friends in crates and load them onto the same moving truck as all your belongings, which requires planning for their safety throughout the process. Although it’s time-consuming, National Movers simplify it by providing key steps and leaving most of the dirty work to us! Contact our movers in Roswell today and let us remove some stress so you can focus on family and pets!

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