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Making a New Home

Shop The Home Edit’s New Walmart Collection to Make 2022 Your Most Organized Year Yet

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the home edit walmart collection

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Start your new year with a clean slate — literally. And while yes, you can always make a 180º and adopt Marie Kondo’s KonMari method, we’re all for taking things one room at a time á la The Home Edit. Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the organizing pros behind The Home Edit, are known for their Instagram-worthy transformations, where they add order to unruly pantries, playrooms, bathrooms and other trouble areas with stackable clear bins, handwritten labels and color-coding systems.

But even after following them on Instagram or watching every episode of Netflix’s Get Organized with The Home Edit, it’s still tricky to figure out how to apply their method in your own home — until now. The Home Edit is taking us step-by-step (or really, space-by-space) with a brand-new collection at Walmart, full of clear bins, turntables, tiered organizers and more time-saving solutions. Pick up standalone organizers to declutter any small space or opt for the curated packs, tailored to the bathroom, pantry, laundry room or another multipurpose room (a playroom or office, for example).

Although you can use these products as your guide, it’s really up to you to create a system that aligns with your family’s needs and the size of your space. Keep in mind that the products are only only half of it: The Home Edit recommends setting aside time to edit your belongings before putting the organizers in place. “It’s crucial to remove every item from the space, group them into categories, and purge what you no longer want or need. Only then can you decide on a functional system that best fits your space and the items that live there,” they tell Good Housekeeping.

Now, take a look at our top picks from The Home Edit’s exclusive Walmart collection to get in the organizing mindset (and stay that way all year long).

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Ornament Organizer, Pack of 2

The Home Edit


Keep all of your favorite baubles safe and secure during the off-season by storing them in these clear containers, which hold 64 ornaments each. Make next year’s decorating even easier by designating one bin for multicolor balls and shiny sparklers, and the other for your family’s personalized creations.

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5 Piece Pantry Edit

The Home Edit


Restore order in your pantry by giving everything — cans, snacks, condiments and so on — a home. Stack soup, beans and other canned goods on the three-tiered shelf, then fill the large bins with other odds and ends. 

10 Piece Plastic Bath Edit

The Home Edit


When it comes to organizing your bathroom, start by tackling your vanity’s drawers. “A single drawer is the best jumping-off point because it’s small and manageable and will give you your first big win,” The Home Edit tells us. Stick these inserts — three large, four medium and three small — into drawers or cabinets to keep clutter at bay.

Everything: Narrow Bin, Pack of 2

The Home Edit


Take advantage of vertical space by stacking these bins or let them stand on their own. Use ’em in any space, whether you need to wrangle your kid’s toys in their playroom or tidy cleaning products under your kitchen sink. 

8 Piece Multipurpose Edit

The Home Edit


Place this command center (of sorts) close to your work station, so you can grab paint, markers and other craft supplies with ease. Or place the eight bins in random places throughout your house to corral loose coins, pens and other everyday essentials. 

5 Piece Laundry Edit

The Home Edit


Make laundry day (ever so slightly) less of a chore by organizing all of your detergents, stain removers and drying sheets in these clear bins. Place your most-used products on the turntable to keep them within arm’s reach. 

3-Tier Riser, Pack of 2

The Home Edit


If you’re not ready for a complete pantry overhaul, start small by adding these tiered risers to your shelves. Fill the rows with canned goods (shown here) or use them to see all of your spices, condiments and sauces in clear view. 

Everything: Large Bin, Pack of 2

The Home Edit


Like the name implies, this set of storage bins can be used for, well, everything.  At 10″ x 10″ x 6″, these stackable bins are big enough to hold pantry must-haves, cleaning supplies, crafting essentials, kid’s toys and just about anything else.

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