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Three Things You Must Do When You Sell a House

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Many homeowners are struggling to sell homes themselves because they are not asking for help from the sell my house fast jacksonville company or any other pros.

We all know how to stage homes for resale after watching years of TV advice. 

We also know we can get any competent lawyer to handle the paperwork and details of closing a sale.

Advertising and getting the word out to potential buyers is as easy as it has ever been.

But there are some other relevant details to address before any homeowner puts a house on the market.

Don’t forget to clean and stage the house

Don’t embark on an extensive remodel. It’s not worth it. Just clean, make any needed repairs, and make your place look as good as you can. You might enlist a talented friend to help if you don’t feel you can get it all done yourself.

Don’t overprice your house

Set a current average market price to attract a buyer. Check with the local tax office about the selling prices of properties near you that have closed in the last few weeks. Price your property close to the average of 3 closed sales near you.

Don’t neglect your security.

If you have valuables like jewelry, collectibles, and other valuable things, put them in a safe deposit before you start showing your house. Take the additional precaution of locking up your computers and personal papers that could be used for identity theft. Pre-qualify potential buyers through some snoopy questions and get references before showing them your property. If a real estate professional is any good, they would ask these questions, and you can, too. Get addresses, work and home phone numbers and email.

Ask about whether they are pre-qualified for a loan and with whom. Ask who they know that you might know. Be as snoopy as you dare. I dare a lot, personally. When you get the data, check what they have told you before the showing. Have friends present when the display occurs, maybe in each room, to answer the potential buyer’s questions. Openly admit that they are just helping with the showing and helping to keep you safe. A legitimate buyer won’t mind.

Likely, it’s only going to get more challenging to sell a home. Many real estate professionals have never seen a market like the one we have now. They may not have the answers you need. But you can work to make your chances of success better than the average. While a declining market is unfamiliar to most sellers, it is a new paradigm to most real estate pros.

But a cute, clean house that is priced right can still sell.

Another attractive option for some sellers who have a lot of equity is to offer owner financing. Many people who want a home, especially people who are self-employed cannot pass lender scrutiny these days. But they can buy and pay for a home. Check out our website for advice on how to do this the right way.

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