July 21, 2024


Making a New Home

Using a Professional Stager to Get Your Home Ready For Sale

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Working with a professional home stager can be a great way to optimize your home’s selling appeal. A professional stager knows all the ins and outs of maximizing a home’s most attractive features to make it appealing to potential buyers. Many people try to stage their house on their own, but it can often be difficult without the advice of a professional. Although real estate agents can be of some help when staging a home for sale, using a professional stager is usually the best approach.

Professional home stagers are experts when it comes to putting a home in its best light. They will focus on creating a good flow within the home, rearranging or even eliminating extra furniture if necessary. They can help the home seller eliminate clutter and advise them in regards to any changes that should be made to increase the home’s overall appeal. This could include repainting, rearranging, accessorizing, or repairing certain areas of the home. The cost of these changes can be minimal when compared to the positive impact they have on potential home buyers. This is because studies have shown that home buyers tend to form a lasting first impression within seconds after they first enter a home.

A professional stager will also optimize the exterior of a home to maximize its curb appeal. If a home is not attractive from the outside, it can be difficult to even get potential buyers interested in looking inside. Stagers will often advise on landscaping changes such as adding plants and flowers around the house, or will advise on areas that could use a fresh coat of paint or minor repairs.

When shopping for a professional stager, you should ideally talk to several so that you find one that works best for your personal needs. You should choose a person that you feel comfortable with, as well as somebody who communicates well. Inquire as to their fees, what services they will provide, and always ask for a free estimate. When staging a home, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of the staging should be exceeded by the expected rise in the home selling price.

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