May 21, 2024


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Why Is Concrete Polishing So Beneficial?

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Concrete polishing is a new trend that has been discovered and widely used among home and business owners all across the country. There are several reasons why concrete polishing is a fantastic choice for new construction, existing property, and renovation projects. So why is concrete polishing do desirable all of a sudden? The answer can be found below. Continue reading to learn the various benefits and some information surrounding concrete polishing and concrete maintenance for residential or commercial properties.

Polishing Concrete

Everyone can picture what a slab of concrete looks like; dim, grey, and dull. With the new technique of concrete polishing, this appearance can be a thing of the past in as little as a few months. Concrete is used as foundation for new construction, residential and commercial; but now, is being used as flooring. Using polished concrete as flooring truly makes for an interesting feature of a home or building. Let’s discuss this further.

Concrete is a practical and cheaper option for flooring; especially over carpet, linoleum, tile, or hardwood. Although never considered a potential interior asset, polished concrete is certainly making a comeback. So what does polished concrete look like and why is it such a great option for residential and commercial flooring? The first answer is durability. Concrete is durable; which is why it is used so diversely among new construction and foundation developments. Once it is polished, it appears glossy, shiny, and smooth. It is a luxurious looking floor that costs very little to install, treat, and polish. It doesn’t require extensive care, upkeep, replacement, refinishing, or maintenance; as well as, use of disinfectant chemical treatments, and more. It can also be customized with designs, patterns, gridlines, and anything else. They can even be colored to resemble marble, tile, or polished stone.

This new technology allows general contractors and homeowners to produce shiny and beautiful flooring at a cost anyone can afford. They accomplish this glossy and polished concrete finish by first grinding down the surface of the concrete to eliminate any unevenness and create a smooth finish. They do this with the help of a polishing machine. It is a similar process to sanding wood. These machines are remarkable units of equipment; using blades and discs made from shattered diamonds to grind down solid surfaces! This high-tech sandpaper-like technique is what creates these flawless and smooth polished concrete finishes. Along with concrete polishing, there is a new technique being experimented with called acid-staining. Acid staining is a technique that allows even more intricate designs and colors to be added to concrete flooring.

If a concrete floor is recently installed, it will most likely not require any sanding before the polishing process; however, it will require a 30 day wait time before work can begin on it. If the concrete floor has existed, whether bare or beneath carpeting, it will require sanding, de-greasing, cleaning, dusting, and additional preparation. If the concrete flooring is very porous or uneven, it will need resurfacing before it can be polished. The benefits of polished concrete flooring include:

  • Dirt-Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Store-Bought Materials
  • DIY Potential
  • No Coating or Waxing Needed
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Also for Countertops
  • And More!

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